OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Branch Code Editor

The Branch Code Editor provides an interface to edit Branch Codes that are used by the Branch Table as a way to further filter specs. Each cell in the Branch Table grid contains a drop down list to enable the user to select which type of component to use for that combination of pipe sizes. The contents of the drop down list is not a class name, but a Branch Code that represents one or more classes. The list of Branch Codes available in the Branch Table grid is filtered by the valid components for that size in the current spec.

The interface below allows you to add to, or edit the list of Branch Codes that are available in the Branch Table.

Class Name Displays the component classes. By default only the classes with branch codes defined in the schema are listed.
Branch Code Enter the Branch Code for the component class.
Note: A component class can be assigned more than one Branch Code.
Show All Classes This option lists all available classes from the referenced catalogs.
OK Closes the dialog and saves the changes. However, you must save the spec to save the changes to the Branch Table.