OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Provision an iModel for a WorkSet

This procedure details how to provisions or configures an iModel stored on PlantSight for use with a selected WorkSet.
Note: Provisioning a WorkSet with an iModel is only supported in a Windows 10 environment.
  1. Select the Provision option from the CONNECT Services ribbon tab. The Provision WorkSet Wizard opens:
  2. Click Next.
  3. Click the Browse icon next to the iModel field to display the list of available iModels:
  4. Select the iModel and click Provision. The iModel name will display in the Wizard:
  5. Click Next to provision the iModel. The status of the provisioning process is displayed:
  6. When complete, click the Next icon when it is enabled.
    Note: The Next icon only enables when the provision process is completed.
    The ensuing dialog confirms the iModel has been provisioned:
  7. Click Finish to return to the Project Administrator.