OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Joint Map

The Joint Map Editor allows you to Add, Remove or modify joint information. This is specific to OpenPlant Modeler, and lets the application know what components are compatible. Compatibility for components is governed primarily by their end preparation.

Accessed from:

  • Settings Ribbon

Consider a simple example of a butt weld joint below, there are two lists of end preparations defined:

  • List 1: Beveled End, Butt Weld and Plain End
  • List 2: Beveled End, Butt Weld and Plain End

The two lists let OpenPlant Modeler know that Beveled End is compatible with Beveled End, Butt Weld and Plain End etc.

Below shows the interface for the Joint Map Editor. All of the existing joints are displayed in the left pane, while the properties of the selected joint are displayed in the right pane.

Click the Add icon to add a joint to the Joints list in the left pane. When a new joint name is added, an empty set of joint properties is included which lets you define the properties, lists of Compatible End Preparations, etc. for the new joint.
Click the Delete icon to delete the selected joint.

To modify a list, click in one of the list fields to make it active and click the icon to display the String Collector dialog where you can add/delete items from the list:

Enter the items to be included in the list and click OK. Be sure to enter only one string per line.

Fields such as List names etc. can be modified by entering a value directly into the field: