OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Create Report dialog

This dialog display when you select the New Report option form the Report Editor. Allows to select which type of data source where report data comes from.

Name Enter the name for the report. I needs to be unique.
Display This is the display label for the report and will be how the report displays in the Report Selector. It does not have to be unique.
EC Query Used to help define the query that the report will use when running the report.
  • Design - Lets you design EC query. It will load up the query dialog called "Advanced Search" where you can define the search criteria for the report.
  • Import - Lets you import an existing query to use for the report.
Repository This area lets you define what data is going to be queried and reported.
  • Schema - This displays the default schema for the report but can be changed if it is not correct. This determines the Primary Schema in the report.
  • Classes - This determines the classes that will be listed in the "Field List" in the report editor. Be sure to include all classes that will be used in this report. For example, if a report that has "Piping Components" with the Relationship "Piping Component has Port" then both the "Piping Component" class and the "Port" class should be selected.
  • IsPolymorphic - This tells the json export process how to handle the polymorphic field.
Applications This area tells the report which applications it can be ran with. This filters the Report Selector so that only the reports for the loaded application are shown. For example, some reports designed for OpenPlant Support Engineering will not work well with OpenPlant PID reports. By checking the OpenPlant Support Engineering application and not the OpenPlant PID application, the selected report will only appear in selected application(s).

Once all the required options are filled out, click the OK button to create the report. , The report is added to the Report Selector then loaded in the editor.