OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Filter Editor Dialog

The Filter Editor dialog is common to various administrative pages in the Project Dashboard where parameters/properties are sorted in a grid formation. The editor allows you to define/modify conditions which control the display of parameters in the grid.

Filter Group

Click the group (the main node such as And) to display the group options menu.

  • And

  • Or

  • Not And

  • Not Or

  • Add Condition

  • Add Group

  • Clear All

Adds a new condition to the filter.

Removes the selected condition from the filter.

Condition type

Click on the condition, such as [Group], and select an option from the context menu which displays:

  • Category

  • Description

  • Group

  • Name

  • UOM


Click on the Operator to display the following list of available options:

  • Equals

  • Does not Equal

  • Is greater tan

  • Is greater than or equal to

  • Is less than

  • Is less than or equal to

  • Is between

  • Is not between

  • Contains

  • Does not contain

  • Begins with

  • Ends with

  • Is like

  • Is not like

  • Is any of

  • Is none of

  • Is blank

  • Is not blank


To define a new value, or change an existing one, click in the field to make it editable then enter the new value.


Saves any changes made to the filter and closes the dialog.


Closes the dialog without saving the changes.


Applies the changes to the filter while keeping the dialog open.

To Add a New Condition to a filter

  1. To add a new condition to the filter, click the icon at the top.

  2. Click on the condition name (such as [Group]) and select an option from the list.

  3. Click on the operator and select an option from the following list that displays:

  4. Next, click in the value field and enter a value into the editable box.

  5. (Optional): If you want to continue editing the filter, click Apply to apply the changes without closing the Filter Editor.


  6. Click OK to save the changes are return to the Project Parameters page.