OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Select Filter Items Dialog

The Select Filter Items dialog is displayed when you click in a component field and select the Filter by Multiple Fields option using one of the following methods:
  • Click the Filtered Data icon and select Filter by Multiple Values from the drop down list.
  • Right-click in a field and select Filter > Filter by Multiple Values from the popup menu.
The dialog allows you to select multiple values to use for filtering the display.

The filter list is determined by the column selected when the Filter by Multiple Values option was invoked.

Example: if you right-click in the MAIN_SIZE column as we did above, then only the values in the MAIN_SIZE column will display in this list to use for filtering.

The following icon options are available in the dialog:
Select All Select all of the values in the list.
DeSelect All Deselects all of the items in the dialog.
Invert Selection Inverts the current selections made. (For example, in the image above, the Invert Selection would select all of the sizes except for the ones currently checked.)
Filter by Selected Items Applies the filter using the values selected from the list.
Cancel Closes the dialog without applying the filter.