OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Merge Catalogs

The Merge Catalogs utility enables you to merge two or more catalogs to create a new catalog.

This utility is specifically provided to enables you to take an updated catalog, typically one shipped with a new version of OpenPlant which may have had some new components added, and merge it with a previous version of a catalog that you have been using to make it current.

The utility checks each row of the selected catalogs against one another and creates a new catalog containing all of the common component records of both catalogs and any new records that have been added.

  1. When you select the option, you are prompted with a standard Windows file selection dialog prompting you to select existing catalog(s) to merge.
    Note: The initial default path that the Catalog Editor uses is your ...Configuration\Workspaces\WorkSpace\Standards\OpenPlant\Catalogs\Imperial\ directory. If you open a catalog from another directory, then that path will become the default the next time you attempt to open a catalog in that project. If you open a new project, the Catalog Editor will refer back to the default directory.
  2. Select the catalogs to merge from the list. To select multiple catalogs hold down the <Crtl > button while making your selections. The catalogs will be listed in the File Name field.
  3. Click Open and select an output location for the merged catalog:
  4. A default name is formed for the merged catalog by concatenating the names of the catalogs together as shown above. Type a new name in the field if desired and click Save to complete the process.
  5. When the merge process is completed, the new catalog can be opened by clicking the Open icon.