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Metric Specification List

OpenPlant Applications share the same set of default specifications for the creation of PIPING models. The Metric specifications are listed below.

Database Name Description
mA1-OPM.mdb CS 150LB Nominal Pipe and fittings
mAWWA_FL_DI.mdb Waste Water Ductile Iron fittings and valves
mAWWA_Steel.mdb Waste Water Steel fittings and valves
mB1-OPM.mdb CS 150LB Nominal Pipe and fittings
mCablet.mdb Cable Tray Nominal Pipe and fittings
mCompression.mdb Compresson pipe and fittings
mDIN.mdb DIN and EN standard pipe, fittings and valves
mDuctile.mdb Ductile Iron Nominal Pipe and fittings
mEX-OPM.mdb CS Nominal Pipes and Fittings
mGrayloc.mdb Grayloc Nominal fittings
mNibco.mdb CU pipes and fittings
mRectHVAC-OPM.mdb Rectangular HVAC duct and fittings
mSpvc_40.mdb Spears PVC SCH40 pipes and fittings
mSpvc_80.mdb Spears PVC SCH80 pipes and fittings
mSupports.mdb OPM Sample Supports
mVictalic.mdb Victaulic pipes and fittings

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