OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

New and Changed in OpenPlant Project Administrator CONNECT Edition Update 8

The following items summarize the new features and enhancements in the current OpenPlant Project Administrator release.

Feature Description
New Configuration An option has been added to the Configuration Tool group which lets you add a New Configuration with the necessary folders and files needed to start creating workspaces and worksets ready for consumption by modeling applications.
Schema Differencing A new Schema Differencing option has been added which compares your user schemas with the latest out of the box schemas and identifies all of the changes you have made.

This makes for a useful tool when you are upgrading as it gives you feedback to whether your changes have successfully been upgraded.

Reporting in Specgen The Specification Generator now has a reporting feature.
Spec and Catalog Cleanup Improvements have been made to clean up and verify content for the default specs and catalogs included with the OpenPlant applications.
Bentley Raceway and Cable Management Support Support has been added for the Bentley Raceway and Cable Management application including the following options:
  • To create a Bentley Raceway and Cable Management enabled project.
  • To enable a Bentley Raceway and Cable Management for an existing Openplant workset.