OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Create New Template

If you right click in any of the fields of the Template Editor, the following options are available to create new templates:
  • New Template
  • New Template from Copy
The preferred method to create a new template is to create a copy of an existing one and make changes to the existing property values. This way, the Class and Build Method are defined and you have the option to customize the other properties as needed.

Create a New Template

  1. Right click and select New Template from the menu.

    A blank record is added to the bottom of the grid.

    Note: The new record will have no property values. These must all be defined separately.
  2. Define the Template Name, Display Label and Template Class for the new template by entering text directly into those field.
  3. Select an image Name for the new template.
  4. To define the Build Method, refer to the Manage Scripts grid to determine which function used when creating the new component. For example, if creating a new UBolt, then use the CustomUBolt script.
    Note: You can copy and paste this method from an existing template if desired.
  5. Click in the Image Name field and use the control to assign a image to the component. If you have your own image file, then click Add and browse to the location of the file and open it.
  6. Define the Parameters and Default Values to use for the new template as desired.
  7. Once finished, click Save to create the new template.

Create a Template from a Copy

  1. Right click in the template you wish to copy and select New Template from Copy from the menu.

    A copy of that template and all of its default values is added to the bottom of the grid with a new Template ID number.

  2. Define the new Template Name and Display Label for the new template.
  3. Assign a new Image Name to the template using the control provided.
  4. If the default parameters do not match what is shown in the image file, add/remove parameter fields as necessary.
  5. Customize the default value for the template as necessary.
    Note: These values can also be modified when the template is used to create a new component using the Component Builder.
  6. When finished defining the template values, click Save.