OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Key Concepts

Bentley Profile

This is a single sign-in to all Bentley web pages and Cloud services. If you don't have one already, you should create a Bentley profile. This will let you:

  • Sign in to all Bentley web sites.
  • Submit and manage service requests if you have a technical problem.
  • Ensure you receive advice when new versions of CONNECT Edition products are available.
  • Update you when new product training materials are available.
  • Give you access to Cloud Services.


Once you have a Bentley Profile, you (or your organization's IT administrator) should register a CONNECTED Project. This is a way of keeping track of everything you and your team members do within that project. A CONNECTED Project does not contain your project data, it is simply a universal common ID to link together all activity within a project. It also contains information such as Name, Number, Industry, Asset Type, Location etc.

The first time you open or create a file, you will be prompted to select a Project. All activities relating to that file will be associated with the project.

Bentley Cloud Services

This is a range of services for learning, file sharing, project sharing, transmittals, project analytics and more. Some of the key components you will use as a part of Cloud Services include:

  • CONNECTION client - small desktop application installed with MOSES that manages your sign-in.
  • Project Chooser - a dialog which lets you choose projects to associate with your files.
  • Personal Portal - web page where you can manage your Bentley profile and access learning content.
  • Project Portal - web page where you can manage your projects and launch cloud services.