OpenPlant Project Administrator Help


The New command is used when you want to create a new specification. When executing the command, OpenPlant Specification Generator will unload all other specs and catalogs and resets all spec level settings providing a clean interface to begin building the new spec. The new spec is built from the ground up using the OpenPlant Specification Generator options to add the spec sections, headers, filters etc.

To Create A New Specification

  1. Click the New icon.

    If a spec is currently loaded, you will be prompted to save the changes before closing it.

  2. Click Add Catalogs to specify the catalogs for your spec.
    Note: Catalogs must be added first before the Add Sections, Add Spec Filter, Add Spec Header options become available.
  3. In the Open dialog, navigate to the directory where the catalogs are stored.
  4. Select the catalogs to use to build the spec and click Open.
  5. Next, click Spec Header . The Header section is added to the spec.
    Note: Click Here for additional help on defining the details of the Spec Header.
  6. Click Add Section from Edit menu or as a toolbar option .

    The Add New Section dialog displays.

  7. Select a section name from the drop down list and click OK to add the section.
  8. Define the Classes, Constraints and rows for the spec section.
    Note: Click Here for additional information on Editing the Spec Section.
  9. Repeat Steps 10-12 to define as many sections as needed.
  10. To save your spec, click File > Save As.
  11. In the Save Spec As dialog, enter name for the spec and a directory location.
  12. Click Save to build the new spec.