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Mixed Metric Catalogs

Catalog Name Description
Anderson Greenwood.mdb CS Valves
ASME.mdb ASME Nominal Pipe and Fittings
AWWA.mdb Waster Water ductile iron and steel pipe, fittings and valves
Bellows.mdb Flexible expansion joints/bellows
Bonney Forged.mdb CS Nominal Pipe and Fittings
Crane.mdb Crane Valves and Flanges
Dezurik.mdb DI Valves
Dresser.mdb Dresser couplings, flexible couplings
Fisher.mdb Control Valves
Grayloc.mdb Grayloc Fittings
ITT.mdb Hi Purity Valves
Jamesbury.mdb DI Valves
Nibco.mdb CU Pipes and Fittings
Non-standard.mdb Non-Standard Pipes and Fittings
Pratt.mdb DI Valves
Spvc.mdb Spears PVC Pipes and Fittings
Stockham.mdb DI Valves
Victaulic.mdb Victaulic Pipes and Fittings