OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Configuration Editor

When you click on an application mode under a Workset in the navigation tree, the properties pane to the right provides application specific configuration options which can be defined.
Note: The image below shows the options for OpenPlant Modeler. A different set of options will display depending on which application node is selected.
Sort Options The Configuration options can be sorted either of the following ways:
  • Alphabetically (Ascending/Decending) : Sorts the options alphabetically either in ascending or descending order.
  • Grouped/Flat : Displays the option hierarchy in either in groups or a flat (not grouped).
The filter field dynamically filters the options as you enter the search criteria. (See below):
Editing Configuration Options The configuration options can edited multiple ways by either enabling a check box, entering a value directly into a field, selecting a value from a drop down list or by clicking the Browse icon to display the List of Values dialog allowing you to add/remove values from a field.
Save Changes Click the Save button to save the changes.
Restore Defaults Click this option to restore the default values for configuration options.

Context Menu

If you right click in the Configuration Options pane a context menu displays with the following options:
  • Copy Name
  • Copy Value
  • Copy Name and Value