OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Sequence Manager

A sequence is a storage used to keep track of an incremental value. It can be used in tagging and any other area where increments are needed and the last value needs to be preserved. Our scripts use this quite a bit in assigning values where this type of number is needed.

Note: Sequences can only be added or dropped. They cannot be edited.
Sequence This is the name of the sequence which is used to call the sequence in the script(s).
Start Value The first value in the sequence.
Increment Determines how much the sequence will increment the current value when called.
Max Value The highest value the sequence can go. If you do not want a max value defined, set this to 0 and the field is ignored.
Current Value This reflects the next value which will be assigned when the sequence is called.
Add Sequence Displays the following dialog where you can define a name for the sequence and the values displayed in the above grid.
Enter a name for the sequence into the field.

The Start Value, Increment and Max Value fields can be defined by either entering a value directly, or using the arrow icons to move up or down to determine the value.

Once the value are defined here and the sequence is saved, it will display in the grid.
Once saved, the sequence values will not be able to be modified.
Drop Sequence Deletes the selected sequence. If the Project Dashboard was not launched from the OpenPlant Support Engineering application, the following message dialog displays. Click OK to confirm the deletion.
Refresh Refreshes the grid with any changes.