OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

The Basics

The core premise of CONNECT is to facilitate successful project outcomes through common capabilities and shared services across desktop, mobile, server and cloud. To enable this, Bentley has utilized Microsoft's Azure cloud-service to connect uniformly and consistently with and across users, projects, and enterprises. To enable the value and your success on CONNECT, it is imperative that users register for a free CONNECT account, sign in when using your CONNECT Edition products and associate your design models with a CONNECTED Project:

The User Advantage

Today the CONNECT Edition Product user gains four FREE major advantages by signing up and in, namely:

  • Access to personal LEARN material, paths and history.
  • Space on the cloud to share files from desktop to mobile and other users.
  • Accurate tracking of time spent against products and projects.
  • Timely product related news, automatic product updates and notifications.

Each CONNECTED user is provisioned with a Personal Portal on the Bentley CONNECT site. This portal provides you access to each of these services and more. See the section on CONNECTION client Sign In for more details on how to access this and other CONNECT services.

Automatic Updates

One of the key capabilities of CONNECT Edition products is the ability to receive update notifications and initiate updates directly from your desktop for all versions within the same generation of the product line. Users no longer need to sign into SELECT Downloads to look for updates of their product but will now be able to check for updates and receive notification of updates from within their products.

Tip: Automated checks of performance measures, personal service ticket status, space for sharing model files and shared product settings on a project are a few of the upcoming enhancements. Keep your eyes on the Bentley website for new services delivered with Bentley CONNECT.

The Organization Advantage

The value of CONNECT just starts with the CONNECTED User advantage. Of course users and organizations work together on projects. If an Organization choses to register their projects with Bentley, those projects now become CONNECTED Projects. With CONNECTED users and CONNECTED projects, the ability for project centric analysis, dashboards on who is working on the project where and how much, shared documents, deliverables status and more are now available through the Project Portal.

Today the CONNECTED Project Portal provides four major advantages for CONNECTED Project Organizations:

  • View project activity by site, application and user.
  • Gain insights into the users who are working on your projects and their effort.
  • Manage your CONNECTED Projects and other CONNECT Services.
  • Access new ProjectWise Connection Services including ProjectWise Project Synchronization, ProjectWise Project Performance Dashboards and ProjectWise Issue Resolution Service.

At this level, enterprises that have CONNECTED Users working on CONNECTED Projects with their CONNECT Edition products become CONNECTED Enterprises. Information that was once disjointed or unavailable, is now placed in context with Key Performance Indicators brought to the forefront to help our accounts improve project performance. All that from just signing in as a CONNECTED User and associating work with CONNECTED Projects.

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