OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

New and Changed in OpenPlant Project Administrator CONNECT Edition Update 6

The following items summarize the new features and enhancements in the OpenPlant Project Administrator CONNECT Edition Update 6 release.

Feature Description
Create WorkSpace OpenPlant Project Administrator has added the ability to create WorkSpace where the WorkSet root folder is outside of the configuration or on a network drive.
Workfiles Folder A new option lets a user specify a Workfiles folder outside of the WorkSpace but within a datasource for a collaborated WorkSet.
Schema Editor Options to add new classes and relationship has been added to a context menu for the Schema Editor.
Add Relationships Added the ability to add relationships on the fly when defining associations in the schema editor.
Context Menu Options The following options have been added to the main context menu:
  • Copy location
  • Create WorkSet from Custom Template
  • Create WorkSpace from Custom Template
Relink iModel Added the ability to relink a workspace with a PlantSight iModel when the connection has been lost.
Specgen The OpenPlant Specification Generator interface has been remodeled to reflect CONNECT Edition standards.

Several OpenPlant Specification Generator performance issues have also been fixed with the update.

Note: The Specification Editor and Catalog Editor only support a 64-bit version of Office. If Office is not installed then a 64-bit driver is installed by Project Administrator to make sure the Specification Generator is working. The Specification Generator will not work if you have an Office 32-bit version installed.