OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Repair Sys IDs

This option is used to Repair or Renew the SYS_IDs of catalog records.

When you select the option, the following dialog displays.
Add Click to Add catalog(s) to the list.
Remove Removes the highlighted catalog from the list.
Clear Removes all of the catalogs from the list.
Renew The Renew option creates a new SYS_ID for all of the catalog(s) records.
Note: This operation will take some time to process.
Repair The Repair option updates missing or duplicate SYS_IDs in the catalog/spec(s).
Once you add catalogs to the list, use either the Renew or Repair options to update the SYS_IDs for the catalogs.
Note: The Renew or Repair options will apply to all of the catalogs listed in the window. Not only the catalog(s) that are highlighted.
Once you have selected one of the operations to perform, the log details are displayed at the bottom of the dialog and the status is displayed in the catalog window.
Note: You will have to click the Down Arrow button to expand the dialog and view the log results.