OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Property Extensions

The Property Extensions grid lets you define how a property value can be defined in the OPSE application. This may include a Dropdown list, Checkboxes (for Boolean values), Track Bars, Custom controls and Grid selections.

Source Name The Source name is used to join the sysProperty and sysValueSrc tables. Both tables have the SourceName columns. This allows for the source name to be defined once in the sysValueSrc table and then to be used multiple times in the sysProperty table.
Source Type The types of extensions are defined in the sysProperty.SourceType column. This field is matched to the sysValueSrc.SourceType column. The following Source Types are available:
  • Query: Query a database table to display values in a property grid, dropdown list or combo box.
  • StaticValueList: This is type will display a drop down list of predefined values to select from.
  • StaticRange: A numeric range that can be used in a trackbar, spinner or custom control.
  • SysDate: A calendar display to select a date from.
  • TagNumber: This type is not implemented in this release.
  • NextNumber: This type is not implemented in this release.
  • ColorPicker: Displays color palette for selection. Saves as RGB list.
  • Check: Checkbox most commonly used with boolean values.
  • UserControl: This type is not implemented in this release.
  • ImageSelector: Allows user to select an image to use for a component.
  • URL: Select a URL to open in a web browser
  • Properties: Allows parameters to be edited.
  • Range: Select from within a defined range of values.
  • ClassNames: Used to define relationships between OpenPlant items and OpenPlant Support Engineering supports.
  • Expression: This type is not implemented in this release.
  • ExpressionRef: This type is not implemented in this release.
Control Type The editor control used to set property values. The control pertains to the datatype: string, number, integer, boolean and allows for quick and visual input.
  • Combo: ComboBox List.
  • CheckBox: Checkbox used to toggle boolean types.
  • DropDown: Dropdown list to select from.
  • Grid: Multi-Grid display of Values
  • Spinner: Spinner for numeric values up or down.
  • TrackBar: Tracker bar control with a set range of values to choose from.
  • TemperatureGauge: Temperature Gauge with a set range
  • PressureGauge: Pressure Gauge with a set range
  • WeightGauge: Weight Gauge with a set range