OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

What is the OpenPlant Specification Generator?

The is a stand-alone application whose primary function is to generate specifications for use with Bentley's OpenPlant applications. These catalogs and specifications are created in Microsoft Access MDB database format. This file format allows for a catalog/specification's component tables to be stored in a single file with multiple tables.

When designers build a model, the set of available components and size ranges is determined by the active specification. All catalog and specification information is stored in an MDB (MS Access) database. The OpenPlant Specification Generator is used to build this database and assign unique IDs to each component in the specification, which is required by the latest OpenPlant applications.
Note: The OpenPlant Specification Generator is not recommended for use in a Citrix environment.

How Does it Work?

OpenPlant Specification Generator is based on a working method generally more familiar to piping designers, the spec sheet. A spec sheet is generally broken into component sections as illustrated in the excerpt from a spec sheet below.

The OpenPlant Specification Generator uses this working method to generate specifications from the selected catalogs. You basically add a section for each component type you want included in your spec, define the constraint, or query used to extract the selection set of records from the catalog(s) for each section, and then build the spec based on these constraints.

This architecture also simplifies the update process, by enabling you to review/modify each component section individually. If you need to make a change, simply modify the constraint for the desired section, then rebuild the spec.

What is a Catalog?

A catalog is a Microsoft Access database that contains a rich selection of component records from which manufacturer specific specifications can be created. Bentley provides several sample working catalogs from which manufacturer-specific specifications may be produced.

What is a Specification?

A specification is a Microsoft Access database that is basically a subset of a catalog. Specifications can be edited or modified to suit unique requirements, and any number of specifications can be created. Bentley provides several sample working specifications for Imperial, Metric and Mixed Metric units. The OpenPlant Specification Generator program enables you to build and customize the database specifications used with particular projects or clients.

Provided Specs