OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Reference Browser

The Reference Browser provides an interface to view property/catalog information on the OpenPlant Support Engineering components. By default, the browser has predefined information pages broken down by the type of information included, such as component Density, Steel Profiles, Pipe Schedules etc. The main Support Parts page (shown below) includes an image preview for any component type that has one defined for it.

The information is displayed in a common grid format which is used through the Project Dashboard. This format easily customizable by either changing the sorting criteria, grouping the items by a specific column header adding/removing columns etc.

Click Here for detailed information on how to customize the grid display.

Toolbar Options

The following toolbar options are available for the Reference Browser:

Refresh Refreshes the page to make sure any changes are included in the display.
Filter Editor Displays the GUID-10AFD563-E3F9-4F76-BB8A-7E930156A39B allowing you to define conditions to filter the items which are displayed in the view.
Image Preview Toggles the display of the image preview section shown above. The image preview which displays for each component is defined in the Class Browser page of the Project Dashboard.
Note: You must have administrative privileges to access the Administrative section of the dashboard.
Unit Converter Displays a Unit Converter tool to assist with any conversions that may be required. This option is available in all of the Project Dashboard administrative pages.
Spring Calculator Displays the Spring Calculator which lets you calculate what size spring support to use for certain support load capacities.
Export to PDF, Excel or CSV The export options allow you to export the current grid view to an external file in either a PDF, XLS, or CSV format. When you click on either option, an Export To... dialog displays prompting you to enter a name and location for the file. Once saved, the file can be moved and reopened on another machine if desired.

Column Sorting Options

The following sorting options display when you right click in any of the column headers:

Sort Ascending Sorts the column data in ascending order.
Sort Descending Sorts the column data in descending order.
Clear Sorting Clears the current sorting option.
Group By This Column Will display the results in groups according to the column name. The same result can be achieved by dragging a column in the box above the column headers. By default, the results are grouped by Warning Type.
Hide Group By Box Hides the box mentioned above which allows you to Group by Column using the drag and drop method.
Remove This Column Removes the column from the display.
Column Chooser Displays the following dialog, allowing you to control which columns display in the grid:
Any column header listed in this dialog is not displayed in the grid. To have the columns display in the grid, drag the header from the dialog into the grid.
Best Fit Sizes the selected column to fit the contents.
Best Fit (all columns) Sizes all columns to fit the contents.
Filter Editor Displays the GUID-10AFD563-E3F9-4F76-BB8A-7E930156A39B allowing you to modify the existing filter.
Show Find Panel Displays a search field where you can enter specific items to search for.
Hide Auto Filter Row The grid provide an auto filter row, which allows you to type in a value for any of the grid columns and the grid will automatically be filtered to display records with that value.

The Hide Auto Filter Row turns off this option.