OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

To define a custom description for other fields

  1. Press the Add Description icon to add a new field.
  2. In the Column field, select a new field from the drop down list as shown.
  3. To define a custom description for the field, double-click in the Value field to display the Define Field Description dialog.
    Note: The custom description is shown in the Definition text area at the bottom of the builder as it is created.
  4. Double-click on a field from the list to add it to the description.
    Note: All field names are enclosed by the "<< >>" symbols and you can add as many fields as you want.
  5. (Optional) Static text can be entered directly into the Definition area but must be enclosed in brackets, [X], for the text to display. Static text can be used to add separators between field values as shown in the example below:
    Example: <<MAIN_SIZE>> [X] <<RUN_SIZE>>
  6. (Optional) To remove a field from the definition, click within the field name in the Definition area and click <Delete> on your keyboard.
  7. Select how you want to apply the description using one of the following two methods:
    • Apply to Selected Cells in a Column
    • Apply to Complete Column
  8. When finished defining description fields, click the green check button in the Description Builder to apply the changes to the catalog.