OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Add New Property dialog

The following dialog displays letting you define a new class property in the Schema Editor. Enter a Name into the field and select a property Type from the list. All other options are available.

Name Enter the name for the new property.
Restriction: Below is a list of properties that are reserved for internal management of iModel 2.0 and should not be used when creating new properties:
  • Id
  • ClassName
  • ClassFullName
  • Code
  • Attachments
  • Geom
  • Placement
  • SourceId
  • SourceClassId
  • TargetId
  • TargetClassId
Display Label This is the label/name which displays interface.
Description An optional field providing a basic description for the new property.
Type Defines the type of property which in turn identifies they type of value used to define the property.
Kind of quantity Defines the class of units used for the property like LENGTH, MASS etc. The selection made for the Kind of quantity determines the type of units available to select. For example, when select MASS, you can select kilogram or Pound etc. as the unit of measure.
Unit Select the unit of measure for the property.
Is Array Type Sets the property as an array meaning the property would be a collection of variables of the type set above.
  • Minimum/Maximum occurance: Sets the bounds for the array. if the array is to be unbounded, click the icon which set the array to a maximum value of 4,294,967,295.

Once you have defined the required fields for the class (Name and Type), and any other optional information, click OK to create the property.