OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Activate User Configuration

This option will activate a user configuration making it available for use in the OpenPlant Modeler, PID or Support Engineering applications.

Accessed from:

When one of the plant design applications listed above are opened, a default Example Configuration which is included with the installation is made available for the user. If the user has his own configuration, however, it can be activated in the following dialog to be made available for selection.

Product Lists the available OpenPlant design products a user can activate the custom configuration for.
User Configuration Click in the field adjacent to the product and select a user configuration from the drop down list. A configuration can be activated for a single application, or for all if required.
Once a configuration has been activated, the workspaces associated with the configuration will be available for the user to select from the Workpage the next time the design application is launched.:
Save Changes Save the changes made in the dialog. This button only enables when a change is made.
Cancel Cancels any changes made and closes the dialog.