OpenPlant CONNECT Edition Readme

New and Changed in OpenPlant PID CONNECT Edition Update 9

The following items summarize the new features and enhancements in the current OpenPlant PID release.

Feature Description
Batch Link 2D and 3D tags in PlantSight When working with a PlantSight enabled WorkSet and you attempt to sync a PID document to PlantSight the Model Validation dialog will list any tags that already exist in the 3D Model and allow you to either Link Selected tags or Link All of them at once. This saves tremendous time as you no longer need to browse for each tag and select them individually.
Enhanced sample delivered WorkSpace and WorkSets The following updates have been made to the example WorkSpaces:
  • The Workspace named, 'Workspace' has been removed in favor of the 'OpenPlant Example'.
  • The default ribbon menu workflow has now been set to 'OpenPlant PID' for the OpenPlant Example WorkSpace
  • Updated tagging conventions to include Plant Area with few components
  • Align color tables across OpenPlant PID and OpenPlant Modeler seed files as used by MicroStation
  • Included realistic CS150 and CS300 piping specification in place of A1-OPM and B1-OPM Sample specs
  • Renamed EX-OPM to Example spec
  • Added Mixed Metric workset in delivered workspace
  • Added additional reports for OpenPlant PID such Equipment List 2D Pumps/Tanks/Towers/Vessels etc
Save time Inserting Assemblies by maintaining their original Work Breakdown Property values

A new configuration variable named, "BMF_ASSOCIATED_ITEM_RULE_ON_ASSEMBLY_INSERT" has been added to provide you with control over whether the original assemblies work breakdown structure properties such as "Plant Area" should be maintained when inserting the assembly. The following values can be set for this variable:

  • 0: The assembly will take on the properties specified in the Standard Preferences dialog.
  • 1: This will retain the original assembly's properties that existed when it was created.
  • 2: This will prompt you with a dialog when placing an assembly that gives you each of the above options to choose from.
Page Connectors now check PlantSight for next available sequence numbers Previously, when inserting a new page connector the software would only check the active document for the next available sequence number, but now it will query the tag repository in PlantSight to find the next available sequence number for the project regardless of which document is active. This will prevent duplication errors when syncing to PlantSight later.
Unified KKS Workspace implementation KKS WorkSet is created for Update 9 release. However, it will be delivered separately on software downloads after Update 9 commercial release.
External Database Queries The ability to query an external database to set an OpenPlant PID component's property has been enhanced to now support querying a SQL server database.
Smarter Tag editing gets the next available number when a change is made to a Work Breakdown Structure property You now have the ability to configure a string list on the Number property of Pipelines so that if any constituent property of a tag is changed from Standard Preferences, the software will reset the next prompted number to the next available number in the placement dialog.