OpenPlant CONNECT Edition Readme

New and Changed in OpenPlant PID CONNECT Edition Update 10

The following items summarize the new features and enhancements in the current OpenPlant PID release.

Feature Description
Easily Identify Safety Critical Devices A new "Safety Critical Element" property can be added to the instrument classes that allow you to select "Yes/No" to indicate if the instrument is safety critical or not. You also have the ability to swap out the graphics with a different symbol to visually indicate that the instrument is safety critical.
Quickly Change Valve States A new " Valve State" property on the valve classes allows you to quickly switch from "open " to "closed" which automatically updates the graphics of the valve in the model to reflect the selected state.
PlantSight Integration Enhancements
  • Refresh Button is added in Standard Preferences Dialog to pull the latest changes from PlantSight.
  • Added Commit Message dialog to allow users to comment while synchronization.
  • Added Capability to have certain specific properties not sync to PlantSight.
    Ensure that the SyncToiTwinPropertyOptions custom attribute is defined in OpenPlant_CustomAttributes.08.11.ecschema.xml:
    <ECClass typeName="SyncToiTwinPropertyOptions" displayLabel="Sync To iTwin Options" isDomainClass="False" isCustomAttributeClass="True"> 
    <ECProperty propertyName="AllowSyncToPlantSight" typeName="boolean" displayLabel="Allow Sync from DGN to PlantSight" /> 
     <ECProperty propertyName="AllowSyncFromPlantSight" typeName="boolean" displayLabel="Allow Sync from PlantSight to DGN" /> 
    Update the OpenPlant_PID.01.08.ecschema.xml and add the custom attribute to a property. Example of adding to EQUIPMENT
     <ECClass typeName="EQUIPMENT" description="Equipment component" displayLabel="Equipment" isDomainClass="False"> 
            <ECProperty propertyName="DESCRIPTION" typeName="string" displayLabel="Equipment Description" > 
                    <SyncToiTwinPropertyOptions xmlns="OpenPlant_CustomAttributes.08.11"> 
Maintain Tags of Components and Pipelines when Pasting from the clipboard Renamed the configuration variable BMF_ASSOCIATED_ITEM_RULE_ON_ASSEMBLY_INSERT to BMF_PBS_ITEM_RULE_FOR_COMPONENTS to allow users to maintain the Plant Breakdown Structure Property values of components and pipelines that are copied to the clipboard to facilitate splitting a PID document. This variable now works for both assemblies and items pasted from the clipboard, but does not control the NUMBER property.
Note: The previous assembly variable is no longer valid and needs to be changed to this new one in your existing WorkSets.
Additionally, a new configuration variable named OPPID_NUMBER_INCREMENT_ON_ASSEMBLY_PLACEMENT_MODE has been introduced and set to automatically prompt you with this additional dialog to determine what should be done with the Number property of the tags:
New Configuration Variable Provides Option to Maintain Connection between Equipment and Nozzle when the Nozzle is Moved The configuration variable OPPID_NOZZLE_DRAG_CONNECTION_OPTION was added to control whether moving a nozzle associated with an equipment would maintain the connection or not. This variable takes the following values:
  • 0: Connection is not broken if nozzle is moved off equipment.
  • 1: Connection is broken if nozzle is moved off equipment.
  • 2: There is a prompt for keeping the connection or breaking the connection.
New Ideas Portal Access the new OpenPlant Ideas portal ( from the Help ribbon Tab inside of OpenPlant PID . Use this portal to submit your product improvement suggestions, vote on other ideas, and provide feedback.
Removed the Import Instances Tool The Import Instances Tool was deprecated and removed from the software since its purpose has been superseded by the Engineering Data Manager.
Schema Changes The following changes were made to the default schemas:
  • The "System" associated item property was removed from the Standard Preferences dialog to align the tagging format with OpenPlant Modeler in example WorkSets.
  • Set the following classes to Repeat Insert: Flow direction arrows, pipeline annotation.
  • Set the Valve class to include the valve tag in the placement function.