OpenPlant CONNECT Edition Readme

New and Changed in OpenPlant PID CONNECT Edition Update 7

The following items summarize the new features and enhancements in the current OpenPlant PID release.

Feature Description
Standard Preferences Dialog The Standard Preferences is a dockable control which displays preferences for the active PID drawing. This dialog lets you define new Plant Breakdown Structure (PBS) items, pipelines and instrument loops as well as assign properties for those items.
The Standard Preferences dialog provides an option, Always Reserve to PlantSight, which when enabled will reserve tags in Plantsight at the time a component is placed.
Note: This option is disabled by default meaning OpenPlant PID will search for duplicate tags during the sync process which is the recommended workflow.
Import Tags from External Database A new option has been added letting you import tag instances from an external database file. The following file formats are supported when importing tags:
  • Excel - *.xls, *.xlsx
  • Access - *.mdb, *.accdb
  • SQLite - *.db, *.db3, *.sqlite, *.sqlite3
Tag Numbers Incremented on Copy A new features has been added that automatically increments the tag number of a copied component to the next available number. This also is implemented when placing assemblies. The tag numbers for all of the components within the assembly will be automatically incremented.
PlantSight Portal A new icon was added to the ribbon which will launch the PlantSight Portal.