OpenPlant CONNECT Edition Readme

New and Changed in OpenPlant PID CONNECT Edition Update 5

The following items summarize the new features and enhancements in the OpenPlant PID CONNECT Edition Update 5 release.

Feature Description
Associated Items Display In previous releases, by default the values displayed in the Tag Information section of a component's properties will display the Actual value for the associative items unless the items are unchecked in the Associated Items dialog in which case the Alias value was displayed.

For this release the default Alternate value which will be displayed is the Description.

The following configuration variable can be defined in the PID.cfg file if you want the Alias value to displays as the alternate instead of the Description:


The PID.cfg file is located in the following directory:

C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenPlant CONNECT Edition\Configuration\Workspaces\WorkSpace\WorkSets\%WorkSet%\Standards\OpenPlant\PID

About Technology Preview Features

Some features delivered with this edition of OpenPlant PID are specifically identified as "Technology Preview" features.

Technology Preview features are:

  • currently unsupported
  • may not be functionally complete
  • not suitable for use/deployment in production

However, these features are provided to you as a courtesy and the primary goal is for the feature to gain wider exposure with the goal of full support in the future.

You may find these features useful in a non-production environment. You are welcome to provide feedback and functionality suggestions for a Technology Preview feature before it becomes fully supported. Bentley Systems intends to fully support Technology Preview features in a future release, at which time the features will no longer be identified as Technology Preview features.

Technology Preview Features for OpenPlant PID CONNECT Edition Update 5

OpenPlant PID CONNECT Edition Update 5 includes PlantSight Technology Preview functionality that was available in the previous release. Please refer to the Technology Preview section from the New and Changed in OpenPlant PID CONNECT Edition Update 4 topic for details on these features.