OpenPlant CONNECT Edition Readme

Known Issues

Known issues of OpenPlant PID CONNECT Edition Update 10.

Description Resolution
If you drag a reducer to a run on right or left side of reducer sometimes sets IsTagReserved flag to false.
Note: The same issue would occur with and data change, also with Move command.
  1. Delete reducer.
  2. Place new reducer at desired location.
  1. Start OpenPlant PID in offline mode.
  2. Upgrade linked V8i files.
  3. Exit and relaunch OPPID in online mode.
  4. Upgrade both files.
  5. Synchronize files with PlantSight.
  6. Select page connector and right click to follow.

    An error will occur if linked file is synched first.

Upgrade while working online (i.e. - connected to PlantSight)
Tag Number is added twice in Explorer's Details dialog and all properties shown. This is noticed when you right-click tag number from the Explorer's dialog and select details. Do not use the Explorer's Details dialog. Use Properties dialog instead.
When working in a ProjectWise Managed workspace, the Component Manager crashes on defining or editing annotations from Component Manager. Use the File > Close of .celfile then File >Open of previous dgnfile, instead of the Navigate to previous icon.
Instrument line does not move when you drag a run. After you drag the run, drag instrument line, from either end, to reconnect to instruments.
A "Document name is reserved" error message displays on opening document which has been freed earlier. On drawing close, have ProjectWise check file in.
Nozzle tag not updated in Explorer when updating an equipment tag via browser Properties.

If an equipment tag is updated in Explorer, any nozzle tags do not update to reflect new name.

Use Explorer Refresh to update nozzle tags.

Off page model name is blank if you undo a deleted page connector.

Delete linked page connector is allowed if user isn't in a "middle" page for the connected pipe run. If at one of the end pages, a confirmation dialog is displayed. It warns that the pipeline and pipe run will become new instances. Be sure you really want to delete that page connector. If press Yes and later try to Undo, it will corrupt the pipe run.

  1. Place new page connector at end of pipe run.
  2. Right-click Connect to Existing and pick the originally linked page connector. The one user was trying to recover.
Errors inserting bypass assembly. Inserting a bypass assembly with data changes can corrupt the run. Until this is fixed, if any data changes are involved, the bypass assembly creation is disabled. N/A
DWG Mode: DWG Mode is not supported. Therefore none of the *forAP* WorkSets are supported.
Upgrade V8i Project: Upgrading V8i projects have the following issues:
  • Issue with instrument levels
    1. In OpenPlant PID V8i, open the level dgnlib file.
    2. Select Level Manager.
    3. Select File > Export and save to a .csv file.
    4. Open the exported .csv file in Excel.
    5. Select all of the numbers in the Number column.
    6. Press Delete on the keyboard.
    7. Save the .csv file.
    8. Select Level Manager.
    9. Delete all of the levels except "Default."
    10. Select File > Import.
    11. Select all levels for import then click OK.

      Levels have been re-added tothe dgnlib without level numbers.

    12. Upgrade workspace\project.
  • OpenPlant Project Administrator only handles imperial and Metric upgrades. Any other projects (ISO,*_forAP, user) will require user intervention:
    1. Copy appropriate base OpenPlant_PID_Supplemental_Design schema from:

      C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenPlant Project Administrator CONNECT Edition\Configuration\Workspaces\WorkSpace\WorkSets\OpenPlantMetric\Standards\OpenPlant\PID_ISO\Schemas.

      or whichever workset is desired. The directory names start with "PID_".

    2. Perform the project upgrade in OpenPlant Project Administrator.
    3. Manually merge your customizations into Open_PID_Supplemental_Design.

When you define a new association in the OpenPlant Project Administrator then open OpenPlant PID and assign values to the association, a number of error messages display:

See steps below:
  1. Open the OpenPlant Project Administrator and in a WorkSet, click the OpenPlant PID node and then the Schema Editor option.
  2. Define a new class under the Plant Breakdown Element node.
  3. Define a relationship such as:
    • Source = Test200
    • Target = Named Item
  4. Add an association, first Adding the pipeline from the + sign and then DRAGGING and DROPPING it under Test200: (Pick the relationship defined earlier when the relationship pop up appears) Such that Pipeline is under Test2.
  5. Launch OpenPlant PID and assign values to the Test200 association.
  6. Try to place a pump.
  7. Notice the number of error messages appear in the message center.
Annotation for pipeline does not get updated if the Associated Items are changed from Properties dialog. N/A
Inline flow Elements will be displayed each time in ''Drawing to Plant Sight Differences" dialog on every synchronization. N/A
Reducer will be displayed each time in "Drawing to Plant Sight Differences" dialog after modifying the Pipe Run Size. N/A
Generic temporary value for nozzle is displayed in Explorer, if Explorer is already launched on Nozzle placement. Use Explorer Refresh to update nozzle tags
Performing Synchronization in Sheet Model may cause different issues in the application. Hence this should be avoided. N/A