OpenPlant CONNECT Edition Readme

PowerPlatform CONNECT Edition Update 14

This topic summarizes the new features and enhancements in PowerPlatform CONNECT Edition Update 14.

Ability to Apply 2D Constraints to Mid-point of Elements

You can now snap to the mid point of lines and arcs to apply 2D Fixed, Coincident and Concentric constraints.

Ability to Create a Non-Orthogonal Cut in a Solid

You can now use AccuDraw controls to create non-orthogonal cuts on solids using the Cut Solids with Curve tool.

Ability to Choose a Mode to Offset Solid Edges

You can now choose between rounded and original (sharp corner) offsets while offsetting solid edges using the Offset Solid Edges tool.

Ability to Define Jobs on Levels in Nested References

You can now view levels in nested references in Clash Detection dialog > Criteria tab > Levels drop-down. You can also define jobs in levels of nested references.

Ability to Hide Thumbnail Preview for Files on the Work Page

You can now disable Thumbnail preview for the list of files displayed on the Work Page for faster navigation to the backstage. You can do so, by turning on the Hide Thumbnail Preview setting in the Preferences Dialog, Look and Feel category. (Settings > User > Preferences > Preferences Dialog > Look and Feel category) The default setting is Off.

Access to Help Re-Implemented in the Top-Right section of the Ribbon

You can now access Help from the help icon in the top right corner of the Ribbon, next to the CONNECTION Client Sign-in icon.

Ability to Use Placeholder in Named Boundaries

You can now create placeholder fields for Named Boundaries. It is now added to the Active directory in the Explorer Dialog.

About Technology Preview Features

Some features in this update are provided as Technology Preview.
Note: Take advantage of this Technology Preview, a non-public software service and/or application for evaluation purposes only. Please use the Technology Preview in your normal business environment as needed to form an opinion concerning the performance of the Technology Preview. Bentley personnel would welcome your valued feedback concerning the performance of the Technology Preview as you evaluate the capabilities. Please be aware that at some point, you may receive notice from Bentley that such use must cease or this Technology Preview will become unavailable to you. As we receive feedback, this Technology Preview may also be enhanced, updated or also discontinued without notice. As a Technology Preview, it is provided to you "as-is" without the benefit of any Bentley warranty, indemnity or support obligation.

Ability to Add or Remove an Element to Named Presentation(s) in the Properties Dialog

You can now control the participation of an element in Named Presentations from the Properties dialog. You can set the value to True or False in the Named Presentation section of the Properties dialog to add or remove a selected element from Named Presentation.

(Technology Preview) iTwin Synchronizer

You can now use the iTwin Synchronizer to synchronize changes in a design file to an iModel in the iModelHub. This iModel can be accessed and reviewed by your team members from anywhere. iTwin Synchronizer utilizes the iTwin Synchronizer desktop application which is a cloud-based design collaboration tool. You must have the iTwin Synchronizer desktop application installed on your machine to have iTwin Synchronizer enabled in OpenPlant PID .

(Technology Preview) Text Favorite Manager (Item Types integrated)

You can now associate Item Types in the Field Type while creating or managing a text favorite in the Text Favorite Manager dialog.

(Technology Preview) V8i Task Theme in the Quick Access Toolbar

You can now access the V8i Task theme and its various styles from the V8i button next to the Workflow drop down menu in the Quick Access Toolbar. It is no longer constrained to the Task Navigation workflow.

Features Moved from Technology Preview to Commercial Release

The following feature that was in Technology Preview mode in previous updates, has been commercially released in this update:
  • Ability to Create and Define a User Coordinate System Library
  • Clash Detection
  • Components Center
  • Expressions