OpenPlant CONNECT Edition Readme

Silent Mode Installation

What is Silent Mode Installation

Silent-mode installation allows you to define an installation configuration and then use the configuration to install without any user interaction. During installation in silent mode, the installation program reads the settings and performs the installation procedure accordingly in the background. The installation program does not display any configuration options during the installation process.

Install OpenPlant PID in Silent Mode

For an example, the installer setup is placed at the location:


The name of setup exe file is:


Open the Command Prompt and enter the following command for silent installation:

C:\ATP\100900206en1\product\Setup_OpenPlantPIDx64_10.09.00.206.exe -q -s -norestart

This command will execute a silent installation at the default path using default settings. If you want to define the Installation and configuration directories then use the following syntax:

C:\ATP\100900206en1\product\Setup_OpenPlantPIDx64_10.09.00.206.exe InstallDirectory="C:\Program Files\Bentley\OpenPlant CONNECT Edition\OpenPlantPID" ConfigurationDirectory="C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenPlant CONNECT Edition" -q -s -norestart
Note: This is a single command.

Description of the installation command

  • -q -s: Quiet mode, no user interaction [wix bootsrapper command for silent installation without any user interaction]

    -q(quiet) -s(silent) = silent install

  • -nonrestart: Do not restart after the installation is complete
  • InstallDirectory: This is the directory into which the OpenPlant PID CONNECT associated files will be installed. (all supporting .dll and other files).
  • ConfigurationDirectory: This directory contains configuration files and sample workset.