OpenPlant CONNECT Edition Readme

New and Changed in CONNECT Edition (Initial Release)

The following topics summarize the new features and enhancements in the OpenPlant PID CONNECT Edition release.

Features Common to all OpenPlant Applications

Streamlined User Interface:
  • New ribbon menu, updated icons and dialog enhancements.
  • Component gallery implemented in OpenPlant Modeler, OpenPlant PID and OpenPlant Support Engineering.
  • Modern, unified and consistent UX ribbon menu.
  • Optimized common workflows.
  • Consistent look and feel across CONNECT Edition products.
  • Benefits:
    • Faster multi-discipline plant design across products when onboarding new users.
    • Increased productivity by making user dialogs more accessible.
Increased Performance
  • 64-Bit Operating System.
  • > 2 GB design models can be viewed and processed effectively.
  • Benefits:
    • Improve design decisions by working in the full context of the project
Common WorkSets
  • Common Workset for all OpenPlant products installed once - no duplication.
  • Benefits:
    • Increase collaboration by enforcing common standards across disciplines using different Bentley applications.
    • Improve consistency and standards adherence across the owner-EPC interface.
Online Help Live Content help available online.
CONNECT Advisor Updates to CONNECT Advisor implementation and support content available.
ProjectWise Project Share and other ProjectWise Connection Services available.
Customizations OpenPlant SDK availability with CONNECT Edition.
The following are OpenPlant PID specific Technology Preview Features in OpenPlant PID
  • PlantSight Integration: PlantSight integration is in Technology Preview mode in this release. For issues related to PlantSight , please see the BE Communities.
    Note: iModel schema upgrade is not supported for the Technology Preview.
    Note: When syncing data with PlantSight the Differencing Dialog should always be enabled.
  • Page Connectors: Since PlantSight integration is in Technology Preview mode, page connectors, which rely on the ability to sync to PlantSight, are also considered to be in Technology Preview mode.
The following are Platform specific Technology Preview Features in OpenPlant PID CONNECT Edition
  • Place Label Cell Filter by Element - This allows the Place Label tool to display the cells that are available for use by the element type that is selected.
  • Shrinkwrap Mesh - You can now create watertight meshes around elements using the Shrinkwrap Mesh tool.
  • Text Favorite Manager - Provided to efficiently create and manage text favorites. The Text Favorite Manager supports element property types to enable reusable property-driven annotations.
  • User Feedback Services - You can now submit comments or suggestions about MicroStation using the Feedback service in the File Backstage menu within MicroStation.