OpenPlant CONNECT Edition Readme

New and Changed in OpenPlant Orthographics Manager CONNECT Edition Update 5

The following items summarize the new features and enhancements in the OpenPlant Orthographics Manager CONNECT Edition Update 5 release.

Feature Description
View Definition Files When adding referenced files to a View Definition, you can select files from any location and are no longer limited to where the files are stored in the project.
Grid Area Options The Structural Column Grid icon now provides two options:
  • Add Grid Area - Lets you select a grid reference file to add to the view.
  • Edit Structural Column Grid - Lets you define names and positions for structural columns.

About Technology Preview Features

Some features delivered with this edition of OpenPlant Orthographics Manager are specifically identified as "Technology Preview" features.

Technology Preview features are:

  • currently unsupported
  • may not be functionally complete
  • not suitable for use/deployment in production

However, these features are provided to you as a courtesy and the primary goal is for the feature to gain wider exposure with the goal of full support in the future.

You may find these features useful in a non-production environment. You are welcome to provide feedback and functionality suggestions for a Technology Preview feature before it becomes fully supported. Bentley Systems intends to fully support Technology Preview features in a future release, at which time the features will no longer be identified as Technology Preview features.

Technology Preview Features for OpenPlant Orthographics Manager CONNECT Edition Update 5

OpenPlant Orthographics Manager has added functionality when defining View Definitions which allows you to add reference drawings from PlantSight. This option is only enabled when the selected WorkSet is associated to a CONNECT Project and has been provisioned.