OpenPlant CONNECT Edition Readme

New and Changed in OpenPlant Orthographics Manager CONNECT Edition Update 8

The following items summarize the new features and enhancements in the current OpenPlant Orthographics Manager release.

Feature Description
Drawing Generation The Drawing Generation interface has been rearranged for better workflow which includes the following toolbar options:
  • : No View Definition is selected. Press to select all View Definitions
  • : All View Definitions are selected. Press to de-select all View Definitions.
  • : Delete intermediate and temporary files generated during General Arrangement drawing.
  • : Delete output files for selected View Definition.
Reports The Report section has been merged into the Drawing Generation section. Reports are also now stored in the View Definition file so the application is no longer dependent on the intermediat files.
VAD to VADx Update This is moving to a more modern format which consolidates information previously spread out in different files into one file. This includes referenced models location, reports and drawing generation history.
Nozzle/Valve Charts The Nozzle and Valve Chart interfaces have been updated to include a Mapping column letting you select a property to display:
Enhanced MicroStation Mode (Technical Preview) The Microstation Mode has been rewritten from the ground up to include the following:
  • Added support for level configuration
  • Grouping of component graphics in cell

About Technology Preview Features

Some features delivered with this edition of OpenPlant Orthographics Manager are specifically identified as "Technology Preview" features.

Technology Preview features are:

  • currently unsupported
  • may not be functionally complete
  • not suitable for use/deployment in production

However, these features are provided to you as a courtesy and the primary goal is for the feature to gain wider exposure with the goal of full support in the future.

You may find these features useful in a non-production environment. You are welcome to provide feedback and functionality suggestions for a Technology Preview feature before it becomes fully supported. Bentley Systems intends to fully support Technology Preview features in a future release, at which time the features will no longer be identified as Technology Preview features.