OpenPlant CONNECT Edition Readme

Known Issues

Known issues of OpenPlant Modeler CONNECT Edition Update 8.

Description Resolution
Spec not automatically reloaded when changing the value of the ALLOW_BOLT_INCREMENTING configuration variable. When the value for this variable is modified, reload the specification in the Standard Preferences dialog for the changes to be implemented.
Weld sizes are larger when an OpenPlant Modeler CONNECT Edition Update 6 workset is upgraded to Update 7.

Update the following tolerance values in the Modeler.cfg file available in the upgraded workset's Standards\OpenPlant\Modeler folder.




The tolerance values should match the values in the default OpenPlantImperial workset.

The latest version of Structural Synchronizer (build is not compatible with OpenPlant Modeler CONNECT Edition Update 7 Below are the compatible versions of Structural Synchronizer which can be used with Update 7:
  • CONNECT Edition 2 version and
  • CONNECT Edition 3 version

Please refer to the Compatiblity Matrix for up to date compatibility information for the latest release.

OpenPlant Modeler experiences a significant delay when switching to either the HVAC or Raceways ribbons. A delay is also experienced when creating a new HVAC system or Trayline with newly defined associated items. N/A
Consistency Checker tree doesn't appear in Explorer when an OpenPlant PID iModel is attached. Recreate the OPPID iModel with an upgraded WorkSet and use them with the latest OpenPlant Modeler CONNECT Edition version.
OpenPlant Modeler crashes when Pro-Structure files are referenced. If any exception is observed install latest prostrutures COE(Cooperative Object Enabler)
OpenPlant Modeler hangs upon selecting a pipeline node or any other node (i.e. Unit, Service or Plant), in the default Item Tree of the Explorer dialog.
  1. Go to File > Settings > Explorer Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Display Settings section.
  3. Set Select related items setting to No.
  4. Click OK to save the change.
Gridline text file is getting generated in copied-out workspace instead of Managed Workspace location Manually check in updated gridline text file in Managed workspace from $(SMC_COLUMNGRID_DEFINITION_EXPORTTEXTFILE)
Manipulators are not present or do not function properly on custom piping components. Use native Microstation commands like Move, Rotate. Custom manipulators will be implemented in future releases.
OPM Installation will take more time if "Visualization Content" option is selected in the install dialog. Do not select this option if not needed.
"Drag to slide" or "Move Components" does not updates the position for Notes. Use "Move" command. Other editing commands will be supported in future releases.

User Key In after Move operation: MECHADDIN MigrateNotes

Pipeline Manager does not auto refresh if dgn is changed. Close pipeline manager and launch again. Autorefresh will be provided in future releases.
Copying components from i-models attached as references is not allowed. This will be considered for future releases.
Items Browser in the Explorer dialog does not update itself on file open. Close and relaunch Explorer dialog to refresh its contents. This will be fixed in future releases.
Merge to Master feature is not supported to copy data from attached files. This will be considered for future releases.
Doing a move component on elbow component having a weldolet attached leaves the weld between the tap connection and the weldolet behind. Select all components and perform Microstation native "move" command.
Cannot place flanged valve on an elbow. Place flange on elbow first.
Fence Stretch does not work on pipes. Adjust pipe lengths using OpenPlant manipulators.
Changing the equipment head type to Hemispherical and back to Semi-elliptical does not update the graphics and the dimensions. Will be corrected in future version.
Slope Tool: in some cases branch components will get deleted where applying slope to those components would cause a connection error. Will be corrected in future version.
Unit or Service name repeated in the Pipeline name if service and unit contain hyphen(-). Default parser expression uses hyphen as delimiter to separate service, unit and number. If you use a hyphen in the name for these, parser expression gets confused: " ^[?\w]*-[?\w]*-(?[?\w]*)-(?.*)|(?.*) " If you need to use hyphen in tag name, you will need to update the parser expression accrodingly.
Select pipe incorrectly prompts for placing custom elbow support and unable to place it on Elbow
Known limitations to consider when attempting to place a User Custom Component.
  • Joint validation is not handled.
  • User cannot toggle ports of placed custom components, all custom components are placed by main port.
  • Fit to Fit placement does not provide any rotation options.
  • Replacement of placed custom component is not supported.
  • When attempting inline placement, code does not validate collinearity of custom component ports.
Custom component graphics scale when modifying any property using ModifyTool given model containing custom component graphics in cel library was created using non project 3d seed file, using the project seed file "pmseed3d.dgn" in respective project workspace folder will not result in this issue. Will be fixed in future version.
To ensure valid connectivity of custom piping components the main port and custom component origin should be at the same location.
PSDS and PDx upgrade menu is not available in OpenPlant Moder CONNECT Use latest OpenPlant Modeler V8i SS6 to migrate PSDS and PDx Data.