OpenGround Cloud Help


Minimum Requirements:

  • 64-bit CPU and Android
  • Android v.7 and up
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 GB Disk space
  • 7 Inch screen size.

The most important thing to validate prior to buying the tablet is to make sure both the CPU and the Android version are 64-bit. It is possible for the CPU to be 64-bit while your Android might only be 32-bit and OpenGround Cloud Data Collector will not work with this configuration.

The best way to get all the details about a tablet and Android version is to install an app dedicated for this task (for example, AnTuTu Benchmark).

Downloading and Installing

The Android version of OpenGround Cloud Data Collector can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store. Search for OpenGround Cloud Data Collector and look for the icon below.


This product version utilizes Subscription Entitlement Service.

Subscription Entitlement Service features new behavior to enhance your organization's user administration and security with mandatory user sign-in to access the application.

You will need an OpenGround Cloud login before you can use the App. Existing OpenGround Cloud users can log in using the same information as you log into OpenGround Cloud with. New users will need to contact your OpenGround Cloud administrators to ensure you have a login created.

App Permissions

The App requires permission to access your camera, the file storage system, and the location of the device (GPS). The App will prompt you to give access to these items when it first needs to access them. Failing to give these permissions to the App will mean it cannot function correctly.

  • Camera: Give the App Camera permission if you wish to capture or add photos. However, if permission is denied, you will not able to add or attach photos, and a message will pop up to inform you that Permission needed for camera features.
  • Location: Grant Location permission to take the actual position of the device (Latitude and Longitude). If Location permission is denied, you may not be able to get the device‚Äôs current location.
  • Storage: Enable Storage to record the photos attached to or captured in the device. If Storage is not allowed, you may not be able to attach or add photos of the location data.

If you have accidentally denied any permissions, you can enable them using the 3-step process outlined in the images below.

App Updates

The App updates will be available through the normal Google Update routines in the Play Store.

We highly recommend that you ensure that all data and photos are synchronized with OpenGround Cloud before you install updates.