OpenCities Map Readme

To Install OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition

Note: To discontinue installing the product at any time, click Cancel.
  1. In an Explorer window, double-click the OpenCities Map setup executable. The OpenCities Map Installation Wizard opens.
  2. (Optional) To do Companion Installations (Companion Feature or Companion Product) along with OpenCities Map, do the following:
    1. Turn on the check box for the desired Companion Installation.
    2. (Optional) Click Configure for the selected Companion Installation. The Installer Wizard displays the configuration settings for the selected Companion Installation.
    3. (Optional) Make the desired configuration settings and return to the Installer Wizard main page.
  3. (Optional) To make changes to the default OpenCities Map Configuration:
    1. Click the Configure button next to OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition. The Application Install Location page opens.
    2. To change the path where OpenCities Map is installed, click the Browse button next to the Application Path field.
    3. In the Browse For Folder dialog that opens, browse to the drive and folder where you want to install OpenCities Map, then click OK.
    4. Click Next. The Configuration page opens.
    5. To change the path of Delivered Configuration, click the Browse button next to the Delivered Configuration field.
    6. In the Browse For Folder dialog that opens, browse to the drive and folder where you want to deliver the default Configuration, then click OK. The location of Delivered Configuration should be from the local machine.
    7. To set up Custom Configuration, select the Custom Configuration (plus Delivered Configuration) radio button. Then click the Browse button next to the Custom Configuration field. In the Browse For Folder dialog that opens, browse to the drive and folder where your Custom Configuration is located, then click OK. You can select a network location for Custom Configuration.
      Note: For information on Custom Configuration, refer to the topic Configuration Changes.
      1. Click Next.
      2. The Features page opens.
      3. In the Feature list, turn on or off the features, as desired.
      4. Click Done.
  4. To read the End-User Licensing Agreement (EULA), click the Licensing Terms link. The End-User Licensing Agreement opens in a web browser.
  5. After reading the license agreement, turn on the I accept the End User Licensing Terms check box if you understand and agree to the License Agreement Terms and Conditions.
    Note: Agreeing to the license agreement is required in order to install the product. Turning on the check box displays the Configure and Install buttons at the bottom of the wizard
  6. Click Install.
  7. (Optional) If you would like to activate the product using the Product Activation Wizard, turn on the Launch activation wizard check box. For more information, see Activating Your Product.
  8. Click Finish. A program group is created for this product. If you chose to use the Product Activation Wizard in the previous step, it opens.
Note: If you uninstall this product through Add/Remove Programs, any files that you created subsequent to the installation of the product will not be deleted. It is recommended that you use Windows Explorer to locate and delete these files, if you so desire.