OpenCities Map Readme

Quick Install Guide

Before You Start

  • When installing or uninstalling this product, you must be logged on with Administrator rights.
  • It is highly recommended that you close any programs and disable any antivirus software that is running prior to the installation of this software. Be sure to turn on your antivirus software when you are finished.
  • If your system is protected by firewall, make sure you enable the following URLs on the firewall:
  • OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition is designed so it can be installed and safely coexist on the same workstation as an existing Bentley Map V8i or Bentley Map V8 XM Edition commercial release. It will not attempt to upgrade or uninstall the existing commercial release, and by default it installs its program and configuration files to different locations than the other commercial release. When you install OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition it creates the registry entries responsible for file associations. If you do not want this to happen, during installation, in the Select Features to install list, turn off the File Association check box. OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition also creates the registry keys for VBA-initiated launching. Windows architecture allows for only one program to own these registry keys and the existing Bentley Map V8i or Bentley Map V8 XM Edition Commercial Release should continue to function normally by default.
  • If you installed Bentley Map V8i and OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition on the same workstation and then uninstalled Bentley Map V8i, you must run the Repair tool to make sure the registry and file associations are correct. Note: If you used Microsoft's program to uninstall, the Repair tool will work correctly. However, if you used a third-party's product to uninstall, it may have removed files needed by OpenCities Map. For the procedure to repair OpenCities Map, refer to the topic To Repair OpenCities Map.
  • When you install OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition, the following items are installed with it:
    • Product Documentation
    • CONNECTION Client
    • Bentley DGN IFilter
    • Bentley DGN Indexing Service
    • Bentley DGN Preview Handler
    • Bentley DGN Thumbnail Provider
    • HDR Preview Handler
    • Bentley i-model ODBC Driver
    • Bentley DgnDb i-model Importer 1.6 (64 bit)
  • By default, the following Technology Preview features are also installed:
    • New Mesh tools - Drag Mesh Facet, Edge Display, Retriangulate, Split Facet, and Change Mesh Normal
    • Ability to edit property definitions of attached item types of an element using the Edit Items dialog
    • Raster Custom Line Styles
    • Circular Profile Extrusion
  • Issue Resolution Enhancements:
    • Ability to filter the list of displayed punch list items
    • Ability to create new punch list items
    • Ability to capture the screen and create new attachments for punch list items
    • Right-click menu to view comments, view attachments, locate issue, capture the screen and open Issue dialog
Note: Take advantage of this Technology Preview, a non-public software service and/or application for evaluation purposes only. Please use the Technology Preview in your normal business environment as needed to form an opinion concerning the performance of the Technology Preview. Bentley personnel would welcome your valued feedback concerning the performance of the Technology Preview as you evaluate the capabilities. Please be aware that at some point, you may receive notice from Bentley that such use must cease or this Technology Preview will become unavailable to you. As we receive feedback, this Technology Preview may also be enhanced, updated or also discontinued without notice. As a Technology Preview, it is provided to you "as-is" without the benefit of any Bentley warranty, indemnity or support obligation.

For details of these features, refer to OpenCities Map help.

  • Visualization content in the form of ready-to-render cell libraries is installed.
  • The Bentley DGN Reader for Windows 7 is an application that can be downloaded from Bentley iWare section on When you install this application on your system, the following applications are installed along with it:
    • Bentley DGN IFilter
    • Bentley DGN Preview Handler
    • Bentley DGN Thumbnail Provider
  • Bentley DGN Thumbnail Provider is required to correctly view DGN thumbnails on the Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 operating systems. Immediately after installing Bentley DGN Thumbnail Provider, you still may not see the correct thumbnails for DGN files. This will be corrected by rebooting or re-logging onto the system.
  • The Bentley i-model ODBC Driver is used to expose properties in i-models as an ODBC data source. It offers direct access of i-models from ODBC-compatible third-party applications such as Microsoft Office, reporting systems, and Business Intelligence applications. It allows application developers to use familiar tools to access and present i-model data from databases. When the driver is installed, the Bentley i-model ODBC Driver User Manual (Bentley_i-model_ODBC_Driver_User_Manual.pdf) is also installed.
  • Bentley DGN IFilter, Bentley DGN Thumbnail Provider, Bentley DGN Indexing service, HDR Preview Handler, Bentley i-model ODBC Driver, and Bentley DgnDb i-model Importer are installed as separate applications. When you uninstall OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition, these applications are not removed. If you do not need them, you will have to uninstall them separately.

Configuration changes in this edition