OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition Help

VBA Macros

OpenCities Map implements Microsoft's Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). OpenCities Map VBA has extensions to VBA that allow interaction to the design file elements and settings.

Several sample VBA macros are supplied with the product. For information about developing your own macros, see the MicroStation VBA Help (MicroStationVBA.chm) located in OpenCities Map's program directory. You can also refer to sample VBA macros located under C:\ProgramData\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\Configuration\WorkSpaces\Example\WorkSets\MetroStation\Standards\Macros.

Visual Basic for Applications Configuration Variables

The following table lists the configuration variables that affect Visual Basic for Applications. Each configuration variable expects a valid value. An invalid value will not override a setting. You do not need to close and restart in order for the configuration variable change to take effect.

Variable Short name Description
MS_VBASAVEONRUN Automatically save VBA projects If set to 1, automatically saves modified VBA projects every time it starts running a VBA program.
MS_VBAAUTOLOADPROJECTS Names of standard projects Names of the projects that are opened when the VBA dialog is opened.
MS_VBASEARCHDIRECTORIES Directories to search for VBA projects Directories that are searched when opening an existing VBA project.
MS_VBANEWPROJECTDIRECTORY Directory for new projects Directory that is used when a new project is created.