OpenBuildings Speedikon Help

Surface Modeling

OpenBuildings Speedikon's Surface Modeling tools let you create all kinds of surfaces, from very simple surfaces to complex B-spline surfaces and, if required, meshes. For example, you can start with a simple surface and then modify and manipulate it into the shape you want. Other tools let you create a "skeleton" from profiles, or sections, and then drape a surface over it, or you can extrude or revolve a surface from a profile.

You can use the surface modeling tools alone, or in conjunction with the solids modeling tools.

Tools that allow the picking of faces like the Fillet Surfaces tool and Fillet Surfaces along Curves tool now can use a Tentative to a back edge or vertex to select back faces instead of rotating a view. If a back edge is selected the faces that share the edge can be selected. Reset will bring you back to the front faces. If a back vertex is selected the faces that share the vertex can be selected. Reset to go back to the front faces.