OpenBuildings Speedikon Help

Solids Modeling

The solids modeling tools let you quickly create 3D models of your designs. Typically, you can start with one or more simple underlying solids, then use construction and manipulation tools to finish the design. Included are tools that make use of push-pull technology to let you quickly create conceptual solids.

You can use the solids modeling tools alone, or in conjunction with the surface modeling tools.

Tools that allow the picking of faces like the Taper Face tool, Shell Solid tool, Spin Face tool, and the Align 3D now can use a Tentative to a back edge or vertex to select back faces instead of rotating a view. If a back edge is selected the faces that share the edge can be selected. Reset will bring you back to the front faces. If a back vertex is selected the faces that share the vertex can be selected. Reset to go back to the front faces.