OpenBuildings™ Designer Help

New Configuration Dialog

Used to create a new configuration.

You can access this from the following:
  • WorkPage: Manage Configuration > Manage Configurations dialog > Add

Configuration Name Lets you define a name for the new configuration.
Description Lets you add a brief description to identify the configuration.
Type Lets you choose a configuration type. You can choose from:
  • Local
  • Shared/Network Drive
  • ProjectWise Drive
Configuration Folder Lets you choose a location for the configuration. You can browse to the desired location or manually enter the path for the folder.
Visible (check box) Sets the visibility of the configuration. You can turn the check box off to hide the configuration. Default is On.
Workspace Setup Lets you make changes to the configuration variables for the WorkSpaceSetup.cfg. You can turn the slider on to make changes. You can:
  • Add - you can search for existing configuration variables or create custom variables to add using the Manage Variables dialog.
  • Duplicate configuration variables.
  • Edit configuration variables.
  • Delete configuration variables.
  • Revert any changes.
  • Sort items in the list.
  • Edit permissions - you can choose from the following permissions:
    • None
    • Disallow creating WorkSpace
    • Disallow creating WorkSet
    • Disallow selecting WporkSpace
    • Disallow selecting WorkSet
  • Configuration Variables list box - lists the configuration variables added, corresponding values and whether it is locked or not.