OpenBuildings™ Designer Help

User Shape Manager

Used to add special shapes to your OpenBuildings Designer database.

Accessed from:
  • Ribbon: Building Design > Structural > Structural Elements > Create User Shape
  • Backstage: File > Settings > Building > User Shape Manager

Dialog Controls

OK Closes the dialog and save your changes.
Cancel Closes the dialog without saving changes.
Help Opens online help.
Show /Hide Preview Opens or closes, respectively, a flyout panel to display an illustration based on the tool.

User Shape Manager tab

Shapes tree This list contains catalogs of shapes, each containing special shape types. Use the tree controls -by expanding or collapsing nodes to navigate into the catalogs.
Right-click menus
  • Partlist Data – Opens the "Partlist Data-<shapename>" dialog where the shape details including item number, material, dimensions, and remarks are set.
  • Display – Displays the selected shape geometry at the origin in the current view.
  • Rename – Allows changing the name of the selected user shape.
  • Create Low/Normal/High Resolution – For selected weld shape opens Weld Shapes dialog, and for selected I -Type Welded Shape opens Weld Shape I Type dialog, respectively. Change menu changes the resolution.
  • Create Param User Shape – Opens Definition Parametric Shapes dialog where based on basic polygon shapes the parametric user shapes are created.
  • Delete – Removes the selected user shape from the shape tree.

Settings tab

Selection Mode Here, you specify whether the contour selection has to be effected via an existing Smartline or via selection of individual segments.
Constant Shape When you have selected an open poly-line, the contour will be created along the Smartline with the indicated thickness. The poly-line is the neutral fibre.
Shape System Select whether the following created shapes have to be available only for steel, only for concrete or for both applications.
Key-in: Prostructure Manage Usershapes