OpenBridge Modeler

What's New in CONNECT Edition 2022 R2

This topic summarizes the new enhancements in OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition 2022 R2.

  • Model Single Beam in Beam and Slab type Bridges
  • Model Barriers on Wing Walls
  • Specify Barrier End Cut Orientation at each end
  • Improved Bearing Elevations (Properties and Reports)
  • Automated 2D Decorations for Bearings and Bearing Seats
  • Transverse Offset for Wing Walls
  • Expanded Steel Tubs Properties
  • Field Splice: Inner Splice Plate now optional
  • Improved Superstructure C/S Drawings, PGL and Slope
  • Accurate Modeling of Haunch for Open Concrete Tubs
  • Option to Slope Crown Cap Bottom
  • Improvements to Footing Elevation Constraints and DTM
  • Option to Slope between Bearing Seats
  • Skew Solid option for Tapered Caps and Inverted Tee Caps
  • Improvements in Generative Components workflow​
  • Accurate Excavation for Custom Footings​
  • Misc. Enhancements (minor): ​
    • Show Direction/Bearing in Pier/Abutment Report​
    • New option for "Create HEC-RAS Data" under Civil Analysis