OpenBridge Modeler

What's New in CONNECT Edition 2021 R1

This topic summarizes the new enhancements in OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition 2021 R1

Primary Enhancements

  • Model Steel Tubs
  • Model Steel Cross Frames for Concrete Beams
  • Model Column Cross Section using Template variation
  • Foundation Decorators
  • Bridge Specific Item Types (Technology Preview)
  • Side-by-Side Installation
  • Descartes Functionality

Additional Enhancements

  • Product Release Name changed to 2021 Release 1
  • Model Bent Plate Diaphragm
  • Display Element Volume in Bridge Object Properties
  • Re-organized Ribbon Tool Bar to improve work flow
  • New Collaborate Tab for iTwin workflow
  • Place Parametric Pier/Abutment now have an option to ignore skew
  • Options to send more than one bridge or unit to RM Bridge
  • Option to hide Unit Cost Data in Quantities Report
  • Additional Tags for Functional Components
  • Model Drilled Shaft w/ or w/o Rock Socket under Footing
  • Steel CrossFrame/Stiffener dialogs enhanced
  • Steel CrossFrames: Apply to all bays
  • Tool Tips on Members display length, type etc.
  • New VUE rendering engine instead of Luxology (Platform)
  • New Configuration variable for DV settings
  • Improved "Place Custom Pier/Abutment" dialog
  • Additional EU Beam Templates added to Libraries in Metric workspace
  • Place Deck Template shows slider to show Template cross-sections variation
  • Edit Barrier Placement now shows the Guideline(Path) name used


  • Built on MicroStation PowerPlatform Update 16 (v10.16.00.80)
  • Built on Civil Platform (OpenRoads Designer) 2021 Release 1
  • Updated to ProStructures Update 5.2 (v10.05.02.38)
  • Updated to gINT Civil Tools (
  • Optional install of Generative Components
  • Optional install of LumenRT Designer Edition Update 14

Defects Resolved.

Note: Due to OBM file format changes in this release, files created in previous releases of OBM CE can be opened in this release, but once opened with the current release, cannot be opened in the previous versions.