OpenBridge Modeler

Camera Lens tool

Used to set up a camera lens in a selected view.

Note: For additional details on using the Camera Lenstool, refer to the MicroStation platform help.

View Number Sets the view to be used for the camera lens.
Angle Lets you define the camera lens angle, in degrees.
Focal Length Lets you define the camera lens focal length, in millimeters (MM).
Standard List box that lets you select a standard camera lens, or to define a custom lens.
  • Ribbon: Visualization > View > Camera
  • Fisheye — 93.3°; focal length 20mm
  • Extra Wide — 74.3°; focal length 28mm
  • Wide — 62.4°; focal length 35mm
  • Normal — 46.0°; focal length 50mm
  • Portrait — 28.0°; focal length 85mm
  • Telephoto — 12.1°; focal length 200mm
  • Telescopic — 2.4°; focal length 1000mm
  • Custom — Define a custom lens.