OpenBridge Modeler

View Attributes dialog

Used to set view attributes that affect whether and how certain types and classes of elements display and whether certain drawing aids display.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Default keyboard shortcut: <Ctrl+B>
  • Default Function key menu: <F5>
Note: For additional details on using the View Attributesdialog, refer to the MicroStation platform help.
View Number Sets the view for which attribute settings are displayed.
Apply to Open Views

If on, settings changes are applied to the open views.
Apply to Selected View

If on, settings changes are applied to the selected view.
Right-click Menu Right-clicking on the dialog opens a menu that allows you to turn on or off each section of the dialog.
Presentation Contains controls to set the display style and attributes.
View Setup Contains controls to manipulate attributes in a saved view.