OpenBridge Modeler

Place Wingwall tool

Used to place wingwall templates on abutments.

Found on the Home ribbon tab in the Substructure group.

To place the selected wingwall template onto an abutment, data point on the abutment.

Tool Settings

Place Left / Right Wingwall Check the option for each side of the abutment (station ahead) where a wingwall is to be placed.
Template Name Click […] to open the Template Selection dialog, which is used to select a wingwall template from the wingwall template library. Click Select to use the selected template.
Tip: Hover the mouse pointer over the field to see the name of the currently selected template in the tool tip.
Orientation Select how this wingwall is placed with respect to the abutment:
  • Normal/Skewed – this option places the wing wall normal (at 90° with no additional skew angle) to the associated abutment.
  • Inline/Skewed – this option places the wing wall in line (or at 0° with no additional skew angle) to the associated abutment
Vertical Offset Vertical distance from the abutment to the top of the wingwall. A positive number results in the top of wingwall above the top of the associated abutment. A negative number pushes the wingwall top below the abutment top.
Align With Abutment Check this option to align the outside face of the abutment to the outside face of the wingwall.
Longitudinal / Horizontal Offset Type an offset from the end of the abutment to the wingwall.
Note: This value is automatically calculated if you select the Align With Abutment option.
Skew Angle Type a skew angle to use to rotate the wing wall with respect to the abutment orientation.
Adjust Height to Backwall Select this option to adjust the height of the wingwall to match the abutment backwall.
Compute Length (Normal/Skewed wingwall) Set this option and specify the Fill Slope, Berm Horizontal Offset, Berm Vertical Offset, and Length Extension.
Material group Select the material to use for object components by selecting the associated […] button and then selecting the material from the Material Library dialog.
Build Order group Assign a build order (ordinal integer) to each object component in this group to specify construction order.
Feature group
Feature Definition Select an existing feature definition from the drop-down list to use for object being placed.
Name Prefix Type a prefix value to use for all objects set using this Feature Definition, which are useful in quickly identifying features in a group.
Key-in: bmgeom wingwall placebyabutment