OpenBridge Modeler

Place Excavation tool

Used to parametrically add an excavation volume to a terrain model.

Found on the Home ribbon tab in the Substructure group.

Tool Settings

Terrain Model Select the Terrain model to set as the top surface of the excavation limit.
Horizontal Offset Horizontal distance offset from face of footing to start of the excavation slope.
Vertical Sheeting Check this box when pile sheeting is used and vertical side slope needs to be used.
Side Slope Drawn from referenced geometry element. Input 'rise: run'. Field uses percentage, but alternate values may be entered (i.e., 1:4) and are automatically converted.
Bottom Vertical Offset Vertical distance below bottom surface of footing that excavation extends.
Bottom Horizontal Offset Horizontal offset measured at vertical distance below surface of footing to where excavation extends.
Tip: This setting appears when a non-zero value is entered for the Bottom Vertical Offset.
Corner Sweep Angle Specify the angle that the corner can be incrementally rounded at.
Material group Select the material to use for object components by selecting the associated […] button and then selecting the material from the Material Library dialog.
Feature group
Feature Definition Select an existing feature definition from the drop-down list to use for object being placed.
Name Prefix Type a prefix value to use for all objects set using this Feature Definition, which are useful in quickly identifying features in a group.