OpenBridge Modeler

Place Diaphragms dialog

Used to place diaphragms between concrete beams within a beam group.

Opens when the Place Diaphragms tool is selected on the Superstructure ribbon tab in the Superstructure group and a beam group is selected.

Spans A list of all the beam spans (ordered by start and end support lines) is listed here. Select the span to which you want to add diaphgrams. The beam details are listed in the top table.
Add Section Select the Mode by which you want to specify location (SupportLine, Ratio by Span, or Station) and then specify the value. For SupportLine or Ratio by Span, select the reference for that value. Then click the [+] to add the diaphragm.
Delete Selected Click to remove the selected row from the table.
Copy Opens the Copy Diaphgram dialog, which is used to copy the diaphragms from the currently selected span to one or more of the other spans in the beam group.
Validate Click to have the program validate if the current diaphragms layout for the beam group contains any detectable problems, such as overlap.
Save Click to save the current diaphragm layout to the beam group.
Cancel Closes the dialog without saving the diaphragm layout.